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The 107th China Import And Export Fair Concluded on May 5th 2010.6.1
Datetime: 2010/8/17 11:15:35
The 107th China Import and Export Fair opened on Apr.15th as scheduled and under the attention. Our company had 20 stalls on this fair from the first course to the third. As a result of the recovery of world economy, but the base of recovery was still frangibility: the financial crisis in European countries diffused again, the commodity price and exchange rate fluctuate exquisitely and trade protectionism is gaining ground. As all these disadvantages still be existed, we prepared abundantly and all of our staff members kept their fervor to the working. Company抯 export bargain preserved restorative increase and satisfactory completed the central mission of 憁ake efforts to ensure safety, make efforts to strike a bargain? It was also made a better ground for achieve our all-year export plan.