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Celebrate For International Working Women's Day 2010.3.9
Datetime: 2010/8/17 11:14:09
    This year is 100th anniversary of International Working Women's Day. For celebrate and commemorate this festival, the company union organized all members of women staff to have a tea party and knowledge contest on the 16th floor of Du-hope building, at a.m. 9:00, March 5th. The content of contest included the relevant knowledge about women's day, the relevant knowledge about operation, knowledge about cyclopedia, current affairs and fast thinking. The one who gave the right answer first has given the gift award. After the party, all of the members had a meal at the "HaiDiLaoHuoGuo? They were all joyful and did table talk with others to share the happiness and express their morals about self-respect, striving to improve, self-dependence and rise to fortune.